Monday, October 20, 2008

What do I see?

Well, for Thing #10, not a whole lot. Maybe I'm just not looking for "cool" and "happening" places and things. Or, maybe no one else who has been to places I'm interested in have posted pics, yet. I'll have to keep on trying. I tried "Boca Grande" on Google Maps and Yelp. Google did give me an interesting street view which might be pretty current as it showed construction/new sidewalks right in front of Boca. This would be helpful if I was planning on heading out that way for a quick dinner. Parking in that area is already so horrendous, I wouldn't want to finally get there and find out all the sidewalks are closed off! Yelp is good for finding those funny reviews of places you know. I think I need to do some digging and see what Yelp's capabilities really are. I guess this is a "to-be-continued" chapter....

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